International Corporate Representation & Clientele

Brookside Services Consultancy is the Global Mobility Service Provider (GMSP) for the World Bank in Ghana, responsible for providing relocation services for its internationally recruited staff. 

Brookside is the local partner/representative of Brookfield Global Relocation Company in the UK and Elliott Corporate Relocations in South Africa responsible for providing destination/relocation services for assignees of companies being resettled in Ghana.

Brookside also provides relocation/destination services for the Sub-Saharan Africa section of GlaxoSmithKline in Ghana. 

Locally, Brookside Services provides a multiplicity of services of property management and facilities management as well as real estate agency services for a number of private individuals as well as Organizations.   

Brookside provides a seamless multi-faceted service for its clients which includes Language translation, employment, cultural education and hospitality, child care/maid, Legal, security and insurance services as a result of its strong business links and relationship with other companies that provide those specialized services.